LCEM primarily serves in North Central Indiana, although they have reached out beyond that as opportunity has arisen. They work through their Summer 5-Day Countdown Clubs, after-school Countdown Clubs, The Mailbox Club Follow-up ministry, a toll-free Storyline ministry, and The Good News Caboose fair and festival ministry. They have an international flavor to our ministry through the evangelistic films, which they use in their Caboose ministry. They have dubbed them into many other languages and use them as evangelistic tools in over 100 countries around the world today, adding more as the Lord opens doors.   

Steve & Joyce Sechrist

Steve became Missionary Director of Lakeland Child Evangelism Ministries in 1998. He has worked in the area of children's evangelism for over 45 years. After returning from serving during the Vietnam War, he had a new desire to impact children's lives by sharing with them the way of salvation. Thus, his wife of now 50+ years, Joyce, and he began to get involved with Child Evangelism and are still at it today.