Wycliffe Bible Translators seeks to see work begun in every language in the world needing translation by the year 2025. In order to accomplish this, we need a team of people with many skills - including management, finance, teaching, everything computers, and all aspects of cross-cultural language work. There are 1,500 open positions and work in ongoing in around 100 nations.

Alan Starr

God called Alan to Bible translation when he was in junior high.  He became a member of Wycliffe directly out of college and served for 18 years in Cameroon, Africa.  For over ten years, Alan has been helping the Moloko people in translating God's Word. He loves his family and singing.

Tad Wulliman

As a Registered Architect at age 36, the Lord specifically called our family to Faith Academy in the Philippines as Support Workers with Wycliffe Bible Translators. We began as Boarding Home Parents and over the next 35 yrs, experienced a variety of assignments in the support of Bible Translation.