GRC 150 “Cultural Adaptation / Language Acquisition”  We will discuss the trials and the triumphs of language acquisition and cultural adaption, while emphasizing the positive experiences and tips and methods resulting from 27 years of personal experience.  Steve Snyder - International Messengers

GRC 151 “Missions Throughout Scripture”  Come learn about the Bible as one continuous story from Genesis to Revelation and see how God's heart of the nations is at the center of all of it.  Cafe 1040

McClain 100 “Moral Purity, the Narrow Road that Leads to Life”  This seminar is focused on helping students recognize the need of deliberately choosing obedience regarding living a life or purity, taking steps to prepare ahead of time and recognizing/heeding warning signs that require action.  Gayle Murray - SIM USA

McClain 101 “Building an Incomplete Missions Program”  According to Charles Spurgeon, Jewish ministry is one of the most barren and ridiculed of all mission fields. We will take a look at the Bible's teaching as it relates to the Jewish people. Are modern missions programs missing out because someone is being left out?  Life in Messiah International

McClain 103 “Be a Disciple Worth Reproducing”  What does it mean to be a disciple worth reproducing? Learn more about God’s call on all our lives and tools to easily implement disciplines that will ensure your DNA is Christ centered and able to pass on.  Mindy Snell - Team Expansion

McClain 106 “The Witchdoctor Next Door”  What should you do if there is a witchdoctor living next door? What should you do if there is not?  Tim Carmical - Ethnos360

McClain 107 “Satisfied? Living a Spirit Filled Life”  We cannot live the Christian life in our own strength.  Explore what the Bible says about how to develop a lifestyle of depending on the Holy Spirit and walking in his power.  Elisabeth Engstrom - Cru

McClain 108 “Overcoming Great Commission Hurdles”  Most genuine believers long to be part of the Great Commission, but many find that for one reason or another, they struggle to actively engage.  Discover some of the main reasons why we may find ourselves unengaged in making disciples and learn how to overcome the hurdles.  Gary Rowland - International Project

MOCC 106 “Serving Single”  The advantages and disadvantages to serving as a single person and the unique opportunity it brings.  Tina Barham - Camino Global

MOCC 115 “The Final Authority (Why Evangelize Children?)”  God loves children and desires to see them come to a saving knowledge of Him.  We will show why and also give several ways to share the Gospel so we can be prepared to reach the lost children for Him.  Steve Sechrist - Lakeland Child Evangelism Ministries

MOCC 201 “The Gospel in an Honor Shame Culture”  How to communicate the truth of the Gospel to those who live in an Honor Shame Culture.  John F Kirby - The Navigators

Mount Memorial 201 “Teaching in a Cross Cultural Setting”  After teaching 17 years of high school, I thought that I was knew all that I needed to about teaching.  But I was wrong.  Teaching in a multicultural & multiethnic school taught me what I really needed to know to be successful.  Bob Murray - SIM USA

Mount Memorial 202 “Discerning Your Calling”  “What is God calling me to do?” That’s a question we all ask ourselves. We pray about it and wrestle with it. Sometimes it even keeps us up at night. This is especially true if you believe God may be calling you to cross-cultural ministry. The good news is that God has a plan and purpose for your life that perfectly fits your gifts and temperament. This seminar will help you discern God’s call and discover your place in his call to global missions.  John Ward - Encompass World Partners

Mount Memorial 203 “Language Assessment - the Job Every Grace College Student Can Do”  Language Assessment is the first and best cross-cultural and language work that needs to be done in order for Bible translation to be completed. All over the world we are defining what languages need a translation, and evaluating translation's being used. Learn how this job could be your first work upon leaving Grace.  Alan Starr - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Philathea Little Theater “Serving Like Jesus: How a Holistic Approach to Missions is Changing the World”  How do missionaries serve?  Should they just preach to people or just take care of their physical needs?  Which is more important?  In this seminar, we will dive into holistic mission work and how missionaries are following Jesus' model to change the world by meeting all kinds of needs for the Gospel.  We will explore examples in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and beyond.  Seth McManus - CMF International

Philathea 09 “Adoption as Part of God’s Mission” Are you adopted? Do you know someone who had been adopted? Did you know that adoption is part of God's plan to advance His mission? Come and find out where adoption is one way you can follow God’s leading and be a part of adding to His kingdom. The Navigators

Philathea 10 “CardTalk, TapeTalk, and other Media to Share the Gospel”  An overview of media used during the past 40 years--from pre-electronic to Internet--to proclaim the Gospel. And a look at innovative media we can use going forward to further the spread of God's truth.  Rick Hudson - Fellowship International Mission

Science Center 115 “Rural America, the New Inner City”  Examining the challenges and misunderstandings about rural missions.  A statistical look at ministry in rural America.  Nathan & Katrina Wilson – Crossroads Farm

Science Center 210 “India:  Land of Mega-Barriers”  The current hot issue of rape in India exposes huge barriers of color, class, and culture that have existed there for centuries.  We will discuss how the gospel of Christ breaks barriers and heals hurts.  Christar

Science Center 211 “Effective Communication Through Story Telling”  An interactive lesson on effective communication including opportunities to practice some techniques.  Paul Spotts - RBM Ministries

Science Center 214 “Understanding the Father Heart of God”  Understanding the father heart of God is pivotal to our understanding of ourselves and how we relate to God.  This also effects the way we impact and love others.  Not fully understanding the father heart of God keeps us from fully living the life he has for us.  Joshua Howard - Josiah Venture

Science Center 216 “Redemption THROUGH Conflict”  Chaplain (Colonel) James Schaefer will share his story and lessons learned through his peace operations during major and minor armed conflicts while serving as a U.S. Army Chaplain.  James Schaefer - Eagle Commision

Science Center 252 “Refugees: A Mission Field or Mission Force?”  As refugees continue to arrive and settle in Europe, how can we be the hands and feet of Jesus? What can we do to share God's love with the nations by meeting physical and spiritual needs? Even more so, how are they making disciples in the camps, cities, and countries of a seemingly spiritually-dying Europe? Come learn more about how Europe is changing and how more and more people are open to the hope of Jesus!  Becca Martin - Greater Europe Mission