GRC 144 “Creative Outreaches - Community Center/Coffee Shop”  How to reach a community using things they are already wanting.  Tina Barham - Camino Global

GRC 150 “Redeem the Summer: Summer Internships just for College Students”  Learn about a program designed for college-aged people interested in exploring different ministry opportunities. You’ll start with one week of training, then spend six weeks ministering alongside a seasoned missionary in areas such as children's ministry, Gypsy ministry, homeless ministry, church planting, university ministry and others.  Steve Snyder - International Messengers

GRC 151 “Missions Throughout Scripture”  Come learn about the Bible as one continuous story from Genesis to Revelation and see how God's heart of the nations is at the center of all of it.  Cafe 1040

McClain 101 “How do We See Long-Term Social Change in Non-Christian Cultures”  We will look at the following topics and discuss possible solutions. How do we see long term change in areas we are currently ministering? What needs to happen for the gospel to take root and grow?  Darin Bufkin – Cru

McClain 103 “Be a Disciple who Makes Disciples”  Learn what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples and take home practical tools that equip you to start today, right where you are!  Mindy Snell - Team Expansion

McClain 106 “A Racist Suicidal Missionary in Iraq”  The true story of how God used a jerk to reach the city of Mosul.  Tim Carmical - Ethnos360

McClain 107 “Help! Sharing my Faith is Hard!”  In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) Jesus tells his followers to preach the gospel to all nations. But how? Elisabeth shares her story as well as some practical tips and tools for sharing your faith.  Elisabeth Engstrom – Cru

McClain 108 “The Foreigner Among Us”  God is sovereignly orchestrating migration so that people who formerly had little access to the Gospel might discover the love of Christ outside of their homelands.  As foreigners continue to stream into our country, how can we make the most of this unprecedented opportunity?  Gary Rowland - International Project

McClain 109 “Can God Use Me and My Interests in Europe?”  You enjoyed climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris and chatting with locals in an Irish pub last summer... but would you make a good missionary in Europe?  How could you prepare to serve God in Europe during your college years?  Come with questions about how to connect with secular teens and young adults in Europe.  Ideas and examples of how the Encompass World Partners team in Europe is attempting to reach people with the Gospel will be shared.  Dave & Suzie Hobert - Encompass World Partners

Mount Memorial 105 “Engaging Evangelism”  Do you ever have a hard time knowing how to begin with evangelism?  There are three distinct and timeless models that Scripture gives us on how to engage with non-believers.  Come hear about how to practically engage with those you know and don't know.  Johnie Erwin – CRU

MOCC 106 “Embracing the Suck!”  How I failed gloriously as a missionary and learned to celebrate it. This seminar is for people like who want to be available for the mission of Christ but know they lack the gifts, intellect, ability, strength, and resources to be successful.  John Shirk - Urban Encounter

MOCC 115 “Teachers that Touch Lives (A look at the teacher)”  We will show how important the teacher is in the lives of the children.  We are to prepare, study God's word and expect the Holy Spirit to use us as His instruments to reach them no matter the setting.  Steve Sechrist - Lakeland Child Evangelism Ministries

MOCC 201 “The Gospel through Story Telling”  How to use stories to bring the Gospel to life.  John F Kirby - The Navigators

Mount Memorial 201 “7 Keys to Success”  What do I need to possess to be successful? This seminar will challenge individuals to see what is really important to determine if they are ready for serving the Lord (whether at home or overseas).  Bob Murray - SIM USA

Mount Memorial 202 “Breaking the Chains of Addiction.”  At Urban Hope, we are in an area (Kensington) with the highest concentration of illegal drugs on the East Coast. I am personally involved in the street outreach to the homeless/addicted in this area. I was a heroin addict myself four years ago and Jesus Christ has totally changed my life. I will discuss how we serve the addicts/homeless, but simultaneously and most importantly share the hope in Jesus Christ and the need for repentance. Tommy Gifford - Urban Hope

Mount Memorial 203 “God's work in French-speaking Africa and Around the Globe:  How we can encourage our national brothers and sisters to complete the Bible translation task”  Come hear stories from my recent trip to Congo Brazzaville and learn how you can take your training and skills to encourage the work of Bible translation around the world. Learn to appreciate the Word of God and catch the vision to bring it to the nations.  Alan Starr - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Philathea Little Theater “Can I Really do THAT on the Mission Field??: Redefining What Makes a ‘Missionary’”  God has given each of us unique passions, skills, and abilities to use for His Kingdom.  You can use almost anything you are good at to serve overseas.  Come hear stories of how missionaries use business, counseling, engineering, education, sports, and much more to transform lives and communities for Christ!  You might just see how God can use YOU on the mission field in ways you could never imagine!  Seth McManus - CMF International

Philathea 09 “Sexual Health and Wholeness for Men”  There are many things that will rob you of the opportunity to serve fruitfully in any ministry context. Sexual health is one of the biggest ones. Man-to-man, what does it mean to be sexually healthy and whole?  The Navigators

Philathea 10 “CardTalk, TapeTalk, and other Media to Share the Gospel”  An overview of media used during the past 40 years--from pre-electronic to Internet--to proclaim the Gospel. And a look at innovative media we can use going forward to further the spread of God's truth.  Rick Hudson - Fellowship International Mission

Philathea 109 “Praying the Lord's Prayer -- A Risk Worth Taking”  An interactive study of the pattern of prayer that Christ taught His disciples, a pattern that anticipated the Great Commission and birth of the church at Pentecost.  It's a prayer patterned to transform any disciple of the Lord Jesus.  Christar

Science Center 114 “Hebrew, Hummus and Hiking: Reaching Israelis Around the Globe”  We will share practical and creative ways to reach Israelis with the Gospel. Real life examples and ways you can get involved in this exciting and needed ministry!  Life in Messiah International

Science Center 115 “The Last Frontier”  Let go of your romantic attachments to Mayberry.  Rural American missions demands the very best.  Rural America is in a free fall spiritually. Ministering in communities where financial resources are limited, the expanse of ministry areas are greater, and needs are profoundly more extreme, rural missions proposes a unique challenge that can be answered with creativity, commitment and talents.  It's the last frontier.  Learn CRF's mission, vision, values, and your potential role.  Doug & Dawn Routledge – Crossroads Farm

Science Center 210 “Church Planting on a Construction Site”  How do you keep men living in barracks on a large construction site out of mischief?  What creative activities brought these men to a point that a church should be birthed?  Hear how God orchestrated the planting of the Barracks Bible Baptist at Faith Academy, Manila, during the construction of their $5M auditorium.  Tad Wulliman - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Science Center 211 “Leading Children to Christ”  How to lead a child to Christ:  the basics, the important "Do’s" and "Don'ts"  Paul Spotts - RBM Ministries

Science Center 214 “Understanding the Father Heart of God”  Understanding the father heart of God is pivotal to our understanding of ourselves and how we relate to God.  This also effects the way we impact and love others.  Not fully understanding the father heart of God keeps us from fully living the life he has for us.  Joshua Howard - Josiah Venture

Science Center 216 “Serving Two Masters: God and Country”  Is it possible to serve both God and country?  Explore the ministry of military chaplaincy and discover how military chaplains have kingdom impact.  Justin Hayes - Eagle Commission

Science Center 252 “Developing a Theology of Suffering”  Scripture tells believers to expect suffering. It is important for each of us to develop a Biblical perspective on suffering. Everyone will suffer:  believers and unbelievers alike. Believers are told to help others who are suffering. Our model is Jesus. In our personal lives, we must recognize that though bad things happen, God uses it for our ultimate good and His glory. Jesus identifies with our suffering; we are to identify with His. Though difficult, we should embrace our suffering and seek to learn from it what God intends.  Gayle Murray - SIM USA