Student Seminars

April 12th and 13th

This week for chapel, join us in various locations around campus to listen to and learn from our peers. 

Living Among the Dead


McClain Ashman Chapel

What's the difference between you and me...Well, I lived in the Middle East, and I survived somehow. But other than that... not a lot. So come and hear what I experienced living among the dead.

Empathy and Relationships

Jalen Posey 

McClain 101

I believe our relationships at every level are important to God. Our relationship with Him, our relationship with our family, and our relationships with our friends. How we treat and understand people is a big portion of that. I believe God calls us to be empathetic and understanding, but also to be truthful. This seminar will help to answer some of those questions and to navigate those waters between grace and truth. Jesus was fully both and gives us the perfect example!

Wilderness Wanderings

Dominic Kimbrough

McClain 103

So often wilderness seasons or times where people experience trials and tribulations are seen as a punishment. In this seminar we will discuss how the wilderness is God’s original temple where He calls His leaders and forms His followers and why we should embrace and Thank God for those periods in our lives.

What are We Concerned About?

Caleb Yoder

McClain 106

Could it be that you love the things of this world more than God more often than you would like to admit? My prayer is that God would be preparing our hearts to consider that there is a much higher calling for us as followers of Jesus Christ! We will look at this by contemplating what we truly value (if we are honest with ourselves), and reading what Scripture says should be our primary concern.

Is God Anti Me?

Chandler Buchfeller

McClain 107

An introductory exploration of the topic of same-sex attraction. We will reflect upon my own story and see what may be gleaned from my experiences.

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Micah Gerakinis

McClain 109

Have you faced doubt over whether you are truly saved? Have you asked Jesus into your heart multiple times?

Thankfully, God wants every believer to have assurance of their salvation. Come hear how the letter of 1st John gives the marks of a true believer and what true assurance of salvation looks like. 

1st John will be recited from memory.

Community: How Jesus Lovers Help Jesus Lovers

Elliot Jerge

Mount Memorial 105

Have you ever felt alone even though you’re surrounded by people? Have you been part of a youth group but you found it hard to make friends or you chose to not to have friends in the group? We as Christians tend to forget just how important community is, when we are believers. This seminar will talk about why community is good, how it builds up the body of Christ and makes it stronger and how bad community can negatively impact your spiritual life.

When God Closes Doors

Moriah Conant

Mount Memorial 106

Jobs, leadership, relationships, careers; we follow paths that God is directing us to. What happens when God interrupts our plans?

Day One will focus on Bible responses to painful situations, looking at Psalms of laments and other passages of Scripture. God gives space for us to grieve in pain, but Day Two will address what God directs from there. If you are hurting because you don't know what God is doing in your life, you may find peace in knowing that many of the greats in the Bible have been in the same shoes.

If I Wait...

Audrey Schroeder and Reagan Smith

Mount Memorial 201

Philippians 3 & 4: Finding God's rest in the midst of our insecurities

Glorifying God Through Your Body

Shelby Stainfield

Mount Memorial 202

This world does not make it easy for men and women alike to feel confident in their bodies. Here we will explore what it means to care for your body in a way that delights our creator.

Once Upon a Time

Spencer Roberts

Mount Memorial 203

In this seminar I will be talking about the importance of using stories to relevantly teach others about the Bible. Storytelling is a beautiful art that levels the social divides that we so often face. They are also an EXCITING form of communication. We have done a disservice by taking the Gospel, one of the most compelling stories ever told, and making it boring.

I'd like to talk about 3 specific areas:
-What effective exciting storytelling looks like.
-Why we should be using stories as a teaching tool (why we should biblically, why we should practically or why secular statistics say we should use stories to reach a wider audience.)
-How we can effectively put this into practice.

This will be a relatively interactive seminar.


Olivia Fisher

OCC 201

If you feel broken. If you feel alone. If you understand what I mean by feeling tired down to your bones. This time is for you. Together we will talk about brokenness and shame along with truth, so please bring your Bible. We will focus on connection and healing, and hopefully, you will walk away encouraged and empowered.


Got the O.T. Blues

JD Woods

Philathea 01

A presentation that focuses on a few of the blues passages selected from the Old Testament, accompanied by some blues music from the 20th-century, on my guitar. The take-away is: when God's people suffer, it's ok for them to sing the blues because many of our Old Testament heroes did just that.

Languages: A Bridge for the Gospel

Jaris Hurtado

Philathea 10

This Seminar is about how languages can be very helpful when preaching the Gospel. I will talk about the importance of language.


A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Understanding the Church and Culture

Tim Williamson

Philathea 109

The American Church is frequently resorting to an "us and them" narrative as conservative evangelicals and liberal humanists continue to clash over politics, family, and religion. So how do we engage culture with a balance of truth and grace, standing for a perfect Gospel while loving an unrepentant neighbor? In this seminar, we'll look at some of the presuppositions behind the secular worldview, and discuss how the Church can move forward as the Kingdom of Christ.


Spiritual Battles in Relationships

Katie Sommers and Anthony Elliott  

William Male Center 147

We will give a summary of our dating relationship, as we are getting married this May. After reviewing our journey of dating we will share our/common dating struggles couples find themselves in. We will discuss ways we have firmly built our relationship in the gospel and trust in the Lord to stand against those struggles. We will share how other couples can equip their relationship to stand and fight against the spiritual warfare targeting your relationship. This is for individuals in relationships, starting relationships, singles, and for anyone who want to know more about combating the hardships of dating.

Inside North Korea

Bethany Ingram

William Male Center 201

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear North Korea? Is it the politics, the dictator, or weapons of mass destruction? These things dominate much of the news, and they are significant. But what is it like to live in North Korea, for the average citizen? We will talk about what society is like in North Korea, the intense struggles that the people face, and what we can do to support them.